Life-Changing Event

My life completely changed 180 degrees in September of 2006, when I first sat down and wrote my how-to eBook titled, "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Broker Price Opinions."

In the beginning, after I put out my eBook, I was unknown in the real estate industry. In fact, I quickly got noticed, some people would write harshly about me on various real estate blogs saying, "Who does she think she is, she's a nobody!" Their negativity only propelled me to push forward, to overcome obstacles and prove that I was someone, someone that was going to make a difference and a real impact. That's exactly what I did too!

Even though, I was completely new to the real estate field in 2006, it didn't take me long to become one of the very first people to discover a hidden opportunity within real estate, called broker price opinions. BPO's totally changed my life!

I uncovered a hidden, secret gold mine at the absolute perfect time. My eBook has helped thousands of real estate professionals all over the United States in the last 10 years. It has also pissed off lots of people that didn't want anyone else knowing about this hidden niche market. Oh Well! My focus shifted to how many people I could help more than how many I made mad at me. After all, those I angered didn't really know me or have meet me, so I figured they didn't know the real me.

It turned out that, I took the road "less traveled by" and "that has made all the difference."  (Quoted from one of my favorite poems by the great Robert Frost)

   "Your Information eProduct Expert"

Where It All Started

With a hunger and drive to succeed and a vision to do whatever it took, Nicolesdreams eBooks helped me turn my life around and thousands of real estate professionals, like me.

Nicole Ocean

Author, Instructor, Entrepreneur

Since 2006