"BPO Automation Suite Pro." Software created by my company BPO Automation Group  (Founded in 2009)

John Peak, Century 21 Premier Real Estate in Columbus, GA

"My BPO business would not exist without the BPO Automation Group. I am able to do a BPO in thirty minutes that would take an hour without this awesome software. I run my own BPO business. I have no employees. I do between twenty and sixty BPO's a week. I take all my own photos. The BPO Automation Group makes this possible. This software runs on all of the major BPO companies that I do business with and Nicole and her staff are constantly updating forms staying on top of any changes in the industry. They are very responsive to any and all issues. If you want to do BPO's you must have this software.

- John Peak, Century 21 Premier Real Estate in Columbus, GA

"I have been using BPOA for a few years now and couldn't be happier with the programs available from this great company.

I use the AutoFill software for my business. I am able to be much more efficient and provide a much better price opinion to the companies I do work for. The AutoFill program allows me to focus on the important part of the BPO which is actually figuring out the market value of an order while eliminating most of the cut and paste part of filling out a form. BPOA has just launched an Enhanced version of AutoFill which is even more detailed and personalized than before. I look forward to using the new version."

Customer service is great at BPOA. The Tech staff stays on top of any changes that might occur with the various companies they support. Nicole and the gang are constantly improving and modifying the products they offer. From the owners on down, this is a great company to do business with."

Update from Robert on 03/24/2016

"I've been using BPO Automation for several years now with great results. I would not be able to do near as much work without this great service. I do some beta testing for Nicole and the gang, which I enjoy helping with. BPOA stays current with industry changes and acts to upgrade constantly. The program runs smoothly and if there is ever an issue the response from Tech Support is prompt and effective. I recommend the service highly and plan to use BPO automaion as long as I am in the valuation business."

- Robert Ceballos, Home Team Realty in Houston, TX

"I have been working with Nicole Ocean at BPO Automation Group for several years now and have enjoyed great success in using the automation software in my BPO business. Nicole stays on top of changes in the industry and has done an excellent job of adapting the BPO AutoFill software as needed to stay current and relevant.

In addition, the company Tech Support system is easy-to-use and staff responds in a timely manner to provide resolution to software issues and answer questions. The software is easy-to-use and the Group website (Member's site) is stable and secure and has rarely been offline in the past several years.

I look forward to a great working relationship for the next several years as the software has become a vital part of my business model. I highly recommend the BPO Automation Group and the products and services they provide for the industry.

Click here to see Dana's actual letter of recommendation

- Mr. Dana Yarbrough, Value Realty in Cordova, TN

"In June 2015, a colleague of mine had asked me if I was having trouble with my BPO software. I replied to him I don't know what you are talking about. So after a short conversation I did some research and came across BPO Automation. What a great piece of software!

I have increased the amount of BPO's I was doing each month with this software.

It is very easy to use and they cover a lot of companies with each of their different forms. I can't say enough about them, their customer service is outstanding and very knowledgeable. They spend time with you and train you on how to use software; if something comes up they are there for you one on one until the problem is solved.

I only had a couple of things that have come up but it was updates on my computer that disrupted the software. If you do any kind of BPO work I would highly recommend this software. It will save you a lot of time."

- Steve Chewens, Chewens & Associates Real Estate in Harriman, NY

"I looked back today to see how long I had been using BPO Automation to quickly fill my forms and was surprised to see it has been 6 years!  Over the years they have always strived to keep up with and ahead of the ever changing forms in the BPO industry. Even when problems arose with certain companies not wanting their forms to be auto filled, Nicole worked tirelessly to solve the issue and provide the best forms and support available.

- Laurie Fitzpatrick, Associate Broker at Palmer House Properties in Lawrenceville, GA

"By using the AutoFill platform all these years I have been able to avoid hiring an assistant and kept more of my hard earned money in my pocket. Their support is always available and are always quick to respond to any of my needs. Nicole you truly have a great crew! Thank you for being such a great support in my business!"

- Maria Center, Broker at Aero City Realty in Middletown, OH

“BPO automation has been an amazing resource for me through my many years as a BPO provider. I was one of Nicole’s first clients when she first discovered her great idea and I have used her automation through the years as she has worked to perfect it. I have recommended her system many times.  I think it is a must have for agents and brokers completing BPO's in order to maximize efficiency and minimize rejections and issues."

- Christopher Gailey, Real Estate eBroker, Inc. in Martinez, CA

"I have been a client of Nicole and her BPO Automation Group since 2008.  Prior to her innovation with the automation system it was painful to complete 20 BPO's a week due to the amount of manual inputting. Now with her automation I am able to complete 40-50 orders a week and still have a life. Thank you for the great service the past 7 years Nicole.”

- Christopher Gailey, Real Estate eBroker, Inc. in Martinez, CA

"I left a review back in January 2016 regarding BPO Automation services and I can now testify to a greater degree that this service is absolutely worth having in your arsenal. I perform about 25-50 BPO's per week and could never do that volume on my own!!! Thank you Nicole and crew...you rock!!!"

- Cindy Spoo, Florida Luxury Realty in New Port Richey, FL
Frank Bell, REO Broker at Southwest Realty & Loan in San Diego, CA

"If you are doing BPO's for any length of time, you have to have an automatic system to complete these BPO's. BPO Automation Group is THAT system. It's very easy to use; they employ friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff and I highly recommend them."

- Frank Bell, REO Broker at Southwest Realty & Loan in San Diego, CA

"I have worked for years with BPO Automation with the Auto Accept program with great success.  I no longer need Auto Accept, but recently got set up with AutoFill and I love it.  It is the cheapest possible "employee" you can find, always on time, always in a good mood.  Seriously, love the program and have ha a great experience with the BPO Automation Group.”

- Terrance Blakemore, Blakemore Properties in Modesto, CA

"I have been with them for years now. I can say without reservation this is the best software for BPO's I've used yet. The systems they have in place for tech tickets are superb and responsive. Professional and always looking for that extra 'umph' to give. I'm glad I found out about them from a mutual friend. Thanks, Nicole. Keep it up."

- Stephen Harper, Better Properties RE Kings in Seatlle, WA

"Best product I have found to save the time of typing data in BPO's. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Tech support and training is provided in easy to understand terms, and the call isn't from outside of the US. They are great..”

- Robert Robbins, HomeLife Tri-County Realty in Laurinburg, NC

"This company is great to work with. They have been very helpful when there was an issue with the software. The staff is always pleasant and hands on when you need something. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service."

- Ms. Jo Hyatt, Hyatt Realty, Inc. in Sorrento, FL

"Their software is a must. It saves me time and vision. I would highly recommend them to other BPO and REO agents."

- Tatiana Levine, Elite Realty Partners in Boca Raton, FL

"I do a lot of BPO's for the last 5 years or so, and BPO Automation is the software to go to. Since it has helped me save hundreds of hours in filling out the data automatically."

- Arun Arya, Broker at Shivam Realtors in Anaheim, CA

"This company will help you make money and they cannot help you enough to be successful. Nicole and her staff are just great with great products. I had a question about my software and the staff was on it within an hour or less. Great job thanks Plus, they are always coming up with new and improved programs to assist you with your business."

- John Sliman, USA Business Brokers, Inc. in Winder, GA

“I have been using the BPO Automation program for about 3 years now  and I'm a very happy customer. The program is easy to learn and use and saves so much time. I would say it cuts my time by AT LEAST 80% across the board on every company I work with, some more then that. Nicole and Jennifer and the whole BPO Automation staff are super friendly and  always helpful. I would definitely suggest this product if you are involved in BPO's and CMA's."

- Jennifer C. Real Estate Agent in NY

"Before I subscribed to your service I was averaging 28 BPO's per month. When I started using the software I was accepting as many as I could and then found the "learning curve". I got thru that, as you can see from my NOT contacting you for a while. Well, now I have been averaging 83 BPO's per month while using BPO Automation. I want to thank you for the "Bump" in income. My next process is trying to cut down on my timing per unit to increase my productivity some more. Thanks Again!"

- R.C. REO Broker in Rochester, NY

"I Love, Love, Love BPO Automation!!!!!!! They have saved me time and frustration and most of all, allowed me to earn an income especially when the market is slow and properties are taking a lot longer to go off the market."

- Lorraine D. Real Estate Broker in Riverside, CA

"OMGOODNESS! I just did a BPO for InspectionPort that normally takes 1 1/2 hour..... it took me 15 minutes!! Thank you!"

- Sonia T. Real Estate Agent in Fresno, CA

"If you are doing BPO's this is the company to assist you! They are extremely professional and easy to work with. They are constantly updating their software and passing along all the new changes to you. BPO Automation Group SAVES YOU TIME, AGGRAVATION AND MONEY!!! Don't do it all by yourself, let BPO Automation Group do all the hard work for you!!!!!!!!"

- Happy BPO Automation Group Customer

Since 2006

   "Your Information eProduct Expert"

Our Testimonials

"Over the last 10 years, I've helped thousands of people through my products. I've worked extremely hard on everything that I touch and take great pride in all that I do and I hope that it shows. My testimonials speak for themselves, I think that you'll agree."

"All You Ever Wanted to Know About Broker Price Opinions." eBook by Nicole Ocean (Written in 2006)

"I bought your book on BPO's and I have to admit, it's the best and only book out there that really gives you the "guts" of the business. Your book is priceless for not only those who are just starting out, but even for companies like ours that have been doing BPO's for 5 years now. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help those people who have no one else to turn to." 

- Stacey J. Broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I signed up with several BPO companies on Sunday night figuring I'd have plenty of time to get up to speed, I found three orders in my email Monday morning, so I needed to hit the ground running. I selected Nicole's training program because it looked like the most straight-forward, no-nonsense and comprehensive tool I could find, and it was. With Nicole's invaluable training materials, and Nicole herself answering questions (by phone and email), giving me personal experience tips and reassuring support, I got functional quickly. Now I'm working on implementing all the other "how-to's" Nicole provides to make sure I organize and run my business the right way too. Thanks Nicole!"

 - Pam W. Realtor in Pinetop, Arizona 

"I started to read your book this weekend and can really appreciate the easy way it's written. I also love the fact that it's short, precise and to the point. Too many times people pad the contents of a book just for filler instead of addressing the subject directly." 

- Maggie D. Realtor in South Miami, Florida

"I first must say I have NEVER seen this kind of help and support before in this competitive industry. I greatly appreciate it, and definitely will be signing on! I am currently working with a very experienced Realtor who is "training," me with BPO's, but nothing compares to this information! I am so happy that I happened upon your masterpiece! You'll see me on the forum!."

- Matthew F. Realtor in Avondale, Arizona

"I have been doing BPO's for about 5 years now, for maybe 3-4 companies and 4-5 per month. Now I am doing 4-5 a week and am turning down that many more because I do not have the time to do them all. Many people come up with sale gimmicks to generate more income, however yours actually works, congratulations! From the island of Kauai I say Aloha and Mahalo."

- Ron K.  Realtor in Kauai, Hawaii

"I just wanted to write and thank you for such a well written manual, I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered it but have found the manual to be indispensable to me in my business, you have given me another avenue to pursue in Real Estate. Your manual is well written and an easy read. You have been extremely kind & helpful, I truly appreciate it. Thank you again!"

- Brenda F. Realtor in Atlanta, Georgia

"This is the 2nd BPO Package I purchased and I paid less money and received far more useable content. Nicole really goes over things in detail and the section on "Beating the Competition," is worth its weight in gold! By simply implementing the information provided in this section alone, I was able to significantly increase my chances of accepting assignments. In fact, the first day I set up my cell phone to accept emails, I was able to accept my first assignment simply because I was notified immediately of the availability. And, I wasn't even sitting in front of my computer at the time. Awesome!

I Highly recommend buying this program! If you're looking for a way to earn some extra cash this is the way to go. You can earn enough money to do whatever you need to do, I mean everything from offsetting all the fees/dues that come with the cost of doing business, to putting spending cash in your pocket EVERY MONTH, to implementing a new marketing strategy for your business EVERY MONTH, it truly will help you do whatever you need to do!

 If you're relative new to the business, having this information at your fingertips will help you through those challenging and frustrating times and more importantly, Keep You From Leaving The Business. Kudos to Nicole. Again many thanks.

- Debra C. Realtor in Wantage, N.J.

"I want to say thank you for the book and list of BPO Companies. It was worth it and my first CMA paid for your book and lists. Last Monday, I signed up for 3 BPO Companies just to try it out. So far I have made $155.00 on just 2 CMA's. This is exciting, and I am going to be signing up for more."

- Ike R.  Realtor in Pensacola, Florida

Thanks for compiling the list. It is awesome. I am only up to about page 3 of the list and am adding new companies everyday. The list is like gold! I was wasting hours and hours looking for companies doing this kind of work until I came across your list. It saved me months of hard work. Thanks very much."

-Brian S.  Broker in New York, New York

"Just want to thank you for sharing your experience. Your instruction guide on how to fill in a BPO form was great! I wish I knew about BPO's when I first started in real estate."

- Hoi T.  Realtor in Cartersville, Georgia

"I purchased the 120 BPO and REO Company Links eBook last week and began signing up. The next week I already have 4 BPO's lines up and more on the way! THANKS."

- Mark V. Realtor in Houston, Texas

"By the way, Nicole you're the greatest! In less than 30 days I've racked up over $1,000 in receivable!"

- Jay H.  in Realtor Marrow, Georgia

"Thank you Nicolesdreams, I found your book, 'Real Estate 120 Broker Price Opinions and REO Direct Links,' a valuable resource. I registered with some of the companies you list, I started receiving requests for BPO's within a few hours. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in getting into the BPO/REO business. I've been a broker for 23 years, but still, it would have taken me days to get all this contact information together. Thanks again Nicolesdreams!"

- William S. Broker in Waterloo, Iowa

"Nicole, thank you for your book, "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Broker Price Opinions." It was very informative and has helped me very, very much. In just a few days, I had signed up with several BPO Companies and began to receive work in just a couple of weeks from the help you provided in your manual. I often refer back to it when I get stuck and I would certainly recommend your manual to others who wanted to start in the BPO business."

- Lydia V.  Realtor in W. Memphis, Tennessee

 "I purchased your book about six weeks ago. It was straight and to the point and it did help cut down my time completing orders. I purchased another "program," which wasn't worth the time, money or effort, but I did so to compare and to obtain more information. You book was "right on." My first month has brought in approximately $1,000.00 Thank you!" 

- Philip C. Real Estate Broker & Mortgage Broker in Niceville, Florida

"I bought your 120 Links for BPOs and then upgraded to the BPO Manual soon after. I am excited to report that I currently am doing 8-10 BPOs a week. I have been at this since September of 2007 and it is enough money to pay my mortgage. I am so excited and thankful that I bought it. You were such a great help with my first one back in September. I am almost a pro now! Ha ha! I love to be able to spend time with my kids and still have money coming in. I also got a Listing for it. WoW!! Thank you!!!! 

- Monica C. Realtor in Antioch, California

Real Estate Instructor, BPO Coach and Trainer Testimonials

for Nicole Ocean.

"Nobody has more knowledge and expertise when it comes to Broker Price Opinions than Nicole Ocean. She has a broad, comprehensive view of the industry, coupled with a deep technical grasp & solid regulatory knowledge of the industry that is simply unparalleled. I'm very well connected in the real estate industry, and to the best of my knowledge she is the #1 expert on BPO's in the United States."

- Tim Ventura

Vice President / Marketing Director for Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching

"Nicole has been nothing but phenomenal to know. Aside from her ability to guide professionals through very complex issues like BPO's and automation with macros, her character as a person is a perfect 10. 

Anyone who ever gets a chance to meet Nicole soon realizes that this is a person who is passionate about what she does and that she also happens to be one of the most giving people you'll ever meet. To have that wrapped up in one and then be able to gain expertise from her training is priceless (which is ironic because her pricing is always so affordable!)" 

- Daniel Waterman

CEO of NFSTI - REO Training & Nationwide Conferences

"The webinar presentation and information was more than I expected......I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years and have completed BPO's for several banks for the last 15 years.  I truly enjoyed  your webinar titled "Doubled Your BPO Income." The breaks in between and information, stats, Q&A, was very thoughtful and shows you work within our industry. I think it is so refreshing to have one of our own present the BPO/REO material from Realtors prospective. I am looking forward to signing up to use your software."

- Francine Williams, CDPE, GRI, Associate Broker

Global Advantage Realty

Hyattsville, Maryland

"There is an old saying; most of us hear it a lot.  It goes like this- “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true”. With all the get rich buzz and scams around today it is hard not to be skeptical.

I am here to tell about one amazing exception to this rule.  Some time ago I half-heartedly spent a small sum on money (a couple hundred dollars I guess) for Nicole Ocean’s introductory information about performing BPO’s for steady income. She sent me some great information.  I began emailing and writing all the contacts she provided.

And then, an amazing thing happened. I started getting orders for BPO’s, first a few, then more than I could handle!  Then, a more amazing thing happened… a steady stream of checks in the mail on a regular basis!! I now have a solid income that comes to me through email notification. Make no mistake; it is hard work.  But, I work from home, at my own pace. 

Stop worrying about where your next RE deal will come from!

PS: My next steps are automating the process with BPO Automation Group, and then to hire 1 or 2 assistants for data input.

Thank you Nicole, after 20 plus years as a corporate sr. manager, you have given me the freedom I always wanted."

- Dana Allen Hunzelman, Real Estate Consultant

Century 21 Cooper & Associates

West Broadway Derry, New Hampshire

"Greetings! I am very thankful to have met you through one of your previous students, who is now a successful BPO & REO agent here in the East Bay Area. Taking your complete 2 week personalized course was the best thing I needed to jump-start a new career in BPO & REO. I immediately felt comfortable that learning your system was a perfect formula to succeed because you have unselfishly shared the secrets to getting started in this field.

Every completion of our conference call has increased my knowledge & skill in developing the right mind set. Your simplified & systematic approach helped focus my attention to the important details for organizing, preparing & developing the tools required.

I am now more confident than ever after being armed with your training to aggressively seek the business as BPO vendor & REO preferred agent for the institutions concerned especially with your continued support. Once again thank you for the abilities you possess as an effective educator. Many more need to benefit from your educational skills & knowledge, & rest assured that I am more than happy to be a reference to any of your future students. I am proud to have you as my mentor."

 - Joseph Tanos, Realtor® in Concord, California

"I have had the opportunity to be trained by Nicole Ocean for Broker Price Opinions. In addition to being intelligent, diligent, professional and articulate, Nicole has an innate kindness and integrity. I found Nicole's teaching style to be exceptional. She was easy to understand, thorough and well organized. As an attorney and real estate agent, I certainly feel Nicole Ocean is more than qualified for the position."

 - Melissa & Glenn K. Realtors® in Bloomington, Minnesota

"Just want to thank you for your assistance and instruction in setting up the BPO portion of my business, and the basic how to's from A-Z.

What's more, your accessibility to questions, prompt attention to students, and hands on is highly professional and most appreciated.

I love knowing you are there should a question arise that I am unable to answer. The Best to you in '09."

 - Judy B. Realtor® in Scottsdale, Arizona

"I signed up with several BPO companies on Sunday night figuring I'd have plenty of time to get up to speed, I found three orders in my email Monday morning, so I needed to hit the ground running. I selected Nicole's training program because it looked like the most straight-forward, no-nonsense and comprehensive tool I could find, and it was. With Nicole's invaluable training materials, and Nicole herself answering questions (by phone and email), giving me personal experience tips and reassuring support, I got functional quickly. Now I'm working on implementing all the other "how-to's" Nicole provides to make sure I organize and run my business the right way too. Thanks Nicole!"

 - Pam W. Realtor® in Pinetop, Arizona